Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Can i get a french pedicure if my toe nails are short?

i've never done a french pedicure before. so, yeah. can i still get a french pedicure even if my toe nails are short?

and is it painful? (dumb question i know)

and how long do they last?Can i get a french pedicure if my toe nails are short?
course u can and its not painful atall! will last about a week id sayCan i get a french pedicure if my toe nails are short?
If you go to a salon to do it they still cut it short (don't know how they make the nails look long)..No it is not painful it's wonderful cause they massage your feet and legs and you sit on a massaging chair...ahhhhh....See now I'm gonna have to go do my feet! It can take close to an hour but once yu are done it is so relaxing and your toes will look great!
1.yeah u can still get one if your nails are 2 short

2.no its not painful at all

3.they last for like a week-2 weeks (depends on what u do..like if u play sports or are very active then less time it will last exspecially if your in the water frequently)
If you have no ';free edge'; as they call it, then a french pedicure might look a little silly, but they will always find a way to do it...

A pedicure should NEVER be painful, and all of the tools should be yours or soaking in a solvent before they are used on you. If something they do does hurt, be sure to point it out... it is your body they are working on and you are paying for a service...

In the summer, if you are wearing open toe shoes your pedicure should last about 2 weeks. Shorter if you're wearing closed toe shoes that rub them, or if you swim in chlorine often; longer if you are fortunate enough to have the polish adhere really well!
Why not.

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