Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ideas for an at home pedicure and manicure?

So, I want to do my hands and toes today, any advice? Really, I don't have stuff to soak my feet and hands in, so anything I can make ath ome would be great, Thanks!Ideas for an at home pedicure and manicure?
Okay this is it:

1.Using an emery board, file your nails from the edges into the center rounding them until they are oval in shape.

2.Dip your fingers into a small bowl of warm soapy water for a few minutes.This helps to soften the skin around the nail base and so makes pushing the skin back easier.

3.Dry your fingers and nails thoroughly.

4.Massage some lotion around the finger and cuticle area and with a cotton swab push the skin back.

Okay next it's time to apply the nail polish.

1.Once your nails are clean after the process above get clear nail polish and apply it from your cuticle up.

2.Let that dry for about 5 minutes and then get a colored nail polish (preferably white if you want a nice french manicure) and this takes lots of of patient to do, take the brush and carefully brush it from left to right at the TIP of your finger not covering your whole nail!

3.Let that dry again for about 5 minutes and then apply another coat of clear nail polish. Make sure you put a coat of clear nail polish on before and after because the first time you put it on it makes your nails stronger and less likely to chip and the last coat makes the french manicure a french manicure adding the suddle shine to your nails.

4. The last step is just let them dry and have fun.

P.S. - You do the same exact thing with your toenails. Hope I helped you out! =0) I'm a pro! teeheeIdeas for an at home pedicure and manicure?
it is cheaper to do them at home however you still have to go to the store and get the products. the products are really cheap at Walmart


its almost impossible to do a mani or padi without that stuff!

Try a close by nail shop hunn!
You may use any kind of mild soap, preferably liquid to soak your hands and feet in with warm water.
at wal mart i think they have all of that stuff hope i helped and good luck

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