Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Does it tickle when you get a pedicure?

I am so not comfy with the idea of someone touching my feet.Does it tickle?It is my first time getting one.Does it tickle when you get a pedicure?
yes it does.Does it tickle when you get a pedicure?
well as a guy let me tell you it does tickle alot and my exwife's feet were so ticklish that she was to embarresed to go have one done so i did her pedicures at home in private and she laughed like crazy thru the whole thing.
it doesn't tickle that much only when there scrubbing the bottom of your feet, lol but everybody be laughing. heheheh
it sure does tickle me! i do my own pedicures at home but try it at least once and c how much it tickles u.
Yes! I'm always afraid I'm going to kick the poor woman it tickles so much. But only parts of it do :-)

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