Saturday, August 21, 2010

What color would you choose for a pedicure?

Hi! I'm looking for a long-lasting color for my pedicure tomorrow - I think my salon uses OPI.

What would you recommend? (If this helps - I have very pale skin [which I'm hoping will get tanner], dark brown hair, and brown eyes...all natural, lol)What color would you choose for a pedicure?
I would choose a color that is slightly darker than your toe color. That way as your toenails grow out, it won't show very much. OPI is great polish, so it will hold up. Also, buy a bottle of whatever color you choose, so you can touch up if you need to.What color would you choose for a pedicure?
a lot of people say light colors for the summer.

i'm really pale too, i love getting darker ones - reds, maybe a brown, because i tan really easily so i get olive-y skin and it looks gorg with those colors.
Hmmmm...... I say maybe a deep red. With ur pale skin, it will look pretty. Plus ur dark hair %26amp; eyes would look fabulous w/ red. Also, red is nice classy color for your toes that goes with just about everything!

Hope that helps!
use Koala berry., it is so pretty bright and summery and looks great on everyone!

It looks good on anyone!!

Or maybe purple with a white flower :)]
pink and have lots and lots of coats tell them
i go with green too :)

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