Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How can I give myself a great pedicure at home?

I do my toes at home (friends too) and we always get great compliments!

1~ Soak your feet for approx 10 minutes. You can use a bowl full of water and some foot soak, or just plain shower gel. (This loosens/softens the dead skin)

2~ Use a pumice stone or a special foot filer on your heels and calouses. Then use a smoother to smooth off the rough skin. ( U can buy a pumice and a smoother for about $1 ea at any drug store).

3~ Trim your toenails to the desired length and then file smoothe with an emery board.

4~ Use a nail buffer to buff out the ridges on the top of the nails. (Also about $1-$2 at drug store) Then follow up with the really smooth side to add a shine.

5~ I use an orange reed to push back my cuticles. They make special cuticle trimmers too, that u can find in the same aisle as the polishes etc.

6~ Apply a base coat, then polish. Finish up with a super shiny top coat and Voila!

** I also buy the small nail polishes that are used in the salons to put a design on my big toe. I've found them at the hair stores for about $2.How can I give myself a great pedicure at home?
I don't know...

For guys - I think it involves a chainsaw, sander and duct tape.

Oh, and a welding mask for flying debris and sparks!

(and I'm sure an air-freshener is involved somewhere too!)How can I give myself a great pedicure at home?
Go to the libary and get a book on it,and read it

and study it.buy the things you need,and practis

on you'r little sister first.As you get better do yours

and all your friends will want you to do there's.

Maybe you can make a few dollars to keep your

supplies up,and some in your pocket.

That's A Wrap
get a manicure set with toe seperators, file and cut them then paint them whatever color looks good. then dip a q-tip in nailpolish remover and fix your mistakes
Check out Videojug.com they have videos on manicures and pedicures
soak your feet in warmish water for 5 minutes then put burts bees cuticle cream on the cuticles and let sit for 2 minutes. push back your cuticles and cut off (should come off easily with the burts bees stuff on it) then buff your nails with buffer and file and shape with regular file. clip hangnails with hangnail clippers. polish and use a top coat. vuala!
nail polishh! %26amp; tape so u won't mess up... lol.
1). soak and scrub feet with warm soapy water and pumice stone to remove all dead skin and rough spots 2). cut and file nails 3). apply base coat of Polish let dry 4).pick and apply 2 coats of favorite Polish and let dry 5). if applying any nail art stickers or tattoos do so now 6). apply a super shiny clear top coat and let dry 8). when nails are COMPLETELY DRY cover feet with a thick layer of Vaseline put on clean dry socks and keep on over night when you wake up in the morning your feet will be fabulous
soak ur feet so ur toenails become softer cut them to the right size then put tape around ur fingernails so you don't mess up

I just did a pedicure last night and it looks great !*
cut/file toenails, polish

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