Saturday, August 21, 2010

What colour nail polish for my pedicure?

I'm going to Las Vegas to a wedding at Mandalay Bay. I'm wearing a black and white crossover style dress. My shoes are a peeptoe in patent. I'm fair skinned and full figured girl. What colour toe nail polish? Is red too.. uhm, you know..What colour nail polish for my pedicure?
French pedicures are horrible. Do not do.

If you want an alternative to red, do an orange. Orange is a hot color this season. I like OPI's Don't Be Koi with me, or Cajun Shrimp for an intense red-like orange. Keep it to a cream finish (as opposed to glitter or shimmer) or anything with a lot of frost or that looks different in different lights.

Other hot colors are blue. There is a new OPI blue called something like ';I'm Dating a Royal'; that's way hot, a deep periwinkle with a glossy cream finish. Get that one if you think orange is too garish.What colour nail polish for my pedicure?
I always wear silver on my toes. Not the bold kind but the sparkle but clear kind. When I wear that my friends think that I'm wearing fake nails (which is actually good!) It accents your skin tone but only if your skin tone is slightly medium (very light medium) It goes great with anything so try it! Deep red is a color for fingers, it helps you flirt and be careful with your hands but it doesn't do anything for your toes.
No no dont wear black.

Add a vibrant color on your toes so they peep out %26amp; add spice %26amp; color!!

Reds are great %26amp; there are so many reds to choose from.

Visit %26amp; look at their samples of nail polish colors as they are shown on a models hand. You can even pick the skin tone to help you decide.

IF you have nice fingernails, think about going with the same shade of red. IF not brave enough, tone it down a bit.

P.S. Have a good time at the wedding!!
OPI Cajun Shrimp. It's a red, orange, pink color that goes with everything because it sorta changes with the light and what you are wearing. Very popular summer color.
Please don't wear black, that's terrible. I think red is a good idea, it looks great on fair skin. There are different shades of red though so you need to decide which one would suit you the best and be most approproate. Have fun at the wedding!
omg please dont wear black %26amp; french is too boring!

i say either OPI pinking of you (soft pink), OPI elaphantastic (the perfect shade of pink) , or OPI cajun shrimp (coral/ redish-orange)
I'd definitely go red with the shoes and dress.
All Black or Black tips its really hot
French pedi
I agree Black!
french pedi.

or a navy blue with cute white flowers on it

go french :]
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