Thursday, August 5, 2010

What are some ways to get a great pedicure at home?

well..wat you need to get is some hand oils so that you will keep your hands moisturized that way they wont dry out when you are doing your cuticuls. and then you should get some professional nail care Franch Pink nail pollish, alos some French White to finish them off!What are some ways to get a great pedicure at home?
I can't do the nails as well (filing) but you can fill a basin with river rocks or marbles and soapy water the rocks/marbles act as pressure points - and it helps relax your whole self.

Add even warmer water from the kettle (stove) once started.

Get some fluffy towels -

Make a sea salt scrub with olive oil and kosher salt and buy a brush to get your toes really clean. Add a pumice if you want too -

Clip toes after they soak and wash off after filing -

Apply only herbal based foot creams (no mineral oils)

find a fun polish and top coat and enjoy!

I splurge for the pedicure but I do fun foot soaks as a skin care consultant. enjoy!

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