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What do they do when you get a manicure/pedicure?

i am getting a manicure/pedicure tonight, and wondered what they do to you when you get them.Also can you give suggestions on what i should get done?

-people that have had manicures/pedicures done ONLY please!!What do they do when you get a manicure/pedicure?
They pour some powder into the foot bath, turn it on, and stick your feet in.

Some salons even have massaging chairs while your feet soak.

After a while, they turn the jets off, dry your feet, massage, and begin ';sanding'; the dead skin off from callouses on the pads of your feet.

Then they go to your toes and clip away at excess dead skin there before they paint them.

After your nails dry a bit they give you these flimsy flip-flops for you to walk in while your nails dry and they do your nails.

Depends on the kind of manicure you want done, though.

They'll massage your hand for a little before starting.

If it's a French manicure with fake tips, they trim your nails, shape them, and glue the fake tips on.

Then after they put the rest of the nail coating on, they file and buff by hand and with a tool for a while. Make sure to tell them if that hurts, because they shouldn't be hurting your cuticles.

If it's a regular one, they just shape and file your nails before painting them.

And if they have a lamp, they'll direct you towards it so your nails can dry and harden quickly.What do they do when you get a manicure/pedicure?

take off any nail polish you have on already, soak ur hands in water to soften you cuticles..they take off ur cuticles that can hurt a tiny tiny bit sometimes but usually it doesnt they file down yours nails and trim them a little sometimes to make them round or however you want them.., they put lotion on ur hands and up ur arms a little and massage it and rub in the lotion...then they put clear polish on, then put on hte polish that you choose...and then you sit under a light for your polish to dry

for a pedicure

they soak ur feet in warm water, with peppermint soaking stuff that smells really good..then they they take off ur cuticles.... they file down yours nails and trim them a little sometimes .., they put lotion on ur feet and up ur legs a little and massage it and rub in the lotion...then they put clear polish on, then put on hte polish that you choose...and then you sit under a light for your polish to dry

and thats about all that happens!!!!!!
If you are getting a manicure and not fake nails, the manicurist will soak your hands, clean and clip your cuticles and then file and if you like, paint your nails. If you are getting fake nails, that will take a bit longer as they will glue fake nails on your nails, cut them down to whatever length you want, then put some nail stuff on them so the seam doesn't show. They file them and shape them then paint them. As for the pedicure, they are wonderful! Some salons have a ';Spa'; chair that you sit in which vibrates (if you want) for relaxation. Your feet will soak in a warm bath and the pedicurist will trim your toe-nails, massage your legs and feet, rub lotion into them, then paint your toe nails. It's a great experience. HAVE FUN!
I just got a manicure on Saturday and they don't do anything hurtful, all the do is clean, scrub the cuticles, they put 2 to 3 coats of clear nail polish and then a pink clear one so it will look natural and then once the nail polish is dry..they'll ask you to wash your hands with soap and once your done they will ask you if you want a french manicure or any colors you want..I got myself a french manicure and they are my real nails and they do a great job and for pedicures they will wash your feet, scrub all the dry areas where needed, so that way it will be soft and smooth and they do the exactly the same thing with the nails and then after that they will massage it once it's done and let me tell you something i like pedicures better because it's so relaxing and it feels so whatever you do enjoy
Mani: They will soak your hands after taking off any old polish you have on. push your cuticles back and then clip your nails and file them to your desiered shape. They will apply a base coat to your nails and the two coats of paint followed by another clear top coat. Then they will soften your hands by applying lotion.

Pedi: They will remove your polish and soak your feet. Then they will remove all the dead skin from your feet, clip and file your toes and finish like on your hands.

The best colors a bright pinks, oranges, and reds.
With a manicure, they massage your hands, file the nails down, clean underneath the nails, buff the nails, cut the cuticles, then polish then the way you feel.

With a pedicure, they massage your feet, file away the dead skin, cut cuticles, shape the nails, buff the nails, soak the feet, then polish then the way you want....

Have fun....
with a mani, they file and buff your nails and remove your cuticles. then they put a warm towel over your hands for a while and after use this lotion to massage your hands and lower arms. with a pedi they put your feet in a whirlpool tub and scrub the bottom of your feet, and basically do the same thing they do as a mani.(im a nail tech.)
i love to get manicures they feel SO good. if you want your nails painted don't get something tacky like lime green, get purple red or preferably pink spakles.
im having a french manicure on friday

they clean all old nail varnish off u nails

soak ur hands

soften ur cuticles

apply the base coat

apply the second coat

apply the last coat

then do the same with the nail

ive never had a n basic manicure ive always had a frenchie

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