Thursday, August 5, 2010

How often should you go to get a pedicure?

Weekly, every two weeks, etc.How often should you go to get a pedicure?
i would go every week but it says you should only have one once every three months because of the products they use chemicelsHow often should you go to get a pedicure?
the more often you do it the better your feet will turn out at least every two weeks is about a good amount
never they are a waste of money
you could get nail fungus if u dont let ur nails breathe
you should get one at every two weeks or whenever nessary,which ever comes first
I get them about once a month... depends on how good of a pedi I got.
every 3 weeks.
Whenever the last one starts to look tacky, the polish is chipping off, etc. I have to agree with the lady who said it depends on how good the last pedi was. For me, it's usually about every 3 weeks.
Usually once a month in the fall/winter and 2x a month in the spring/summer.
Normaly once you get a pedicure it will last 1 to 3 weeks. So I would say go about every month.

To make it last longer use a coat of clear every day or two.
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