Thursday, August 5, 2010

How much does a manicure&pedicure (together) cost at wal mart?

You will need to call. The nail salons (as well as hair salons, hearing aid centers, banks) are leased space. They pay rent to Walmart, but are not owned by Walmart, so it will vary from location to location. The nail salon in my local store is independently owned, and not a chain. The owner works there doing nails herself.

If you call the Walmart, the phone operator may have the phone number on hand for that salon.How much does a manicure%26amp;pedicure (together) cost at wal mart?
Hmmm I would guesstimate about....25-30? I walked by our WalMarts salon and a manicure was $10 I assume a pedicure costs about 15-20. Don't they usually have a big sign showing all the prices?

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