Saturday, August 21, 2010

How often do you get a manicure/pedicure done :]?

What does it usually cost you?How often do you get a manicure/pedicure done :]?
I've never gotten a Manicure..

I've gotten 3 pedicures in my life (i'm almost 15)

So...yeah, like never..

I bought a Ped-Egg, and some Nail polish..

It's a lot cheaper than 25 dollars a month!How often do you get a manicure/pedicure done :]?
Hopefully once a month from now on. Haha, I just started getting allowance and I for sure want to get manicures. Usually its once every few months. Pedicures I haven't ever got on. I hate it when people mess with my feet. The only place I ever go to get manicure's i get fake nails. They were 30$. Just having them paint and such was like $15. Pedicures are maybe 20$. Theres a place here fake nails are 20 painting and such were 10 and pedi's were 15.
Usually every 2 weeks, but I stretch it to 3 to save money. It's around $45-50 for both services plus extra for airbrushing, designs, etc plus the tip. Altogether for me around $65, i try to do my toes myself every other time though.
I never get manicures...and I get a pedicure maybe once every two months. My nails grow really slowly, so I just file them a tiny bit in between. My polish stays perfect for 2 months, lol. It costs me about 15 dollars (the place where I go anyway, and they do a great job)
Once in the beginnig of the summer so that I have it all summer. It usually costs me about $20 and I usually get a pedicure with a cute design or maybe a french pedicure.

Hope I helped!
I have never had either done but will have a pedicure done in my spa package next week all I know is it is $275 plus tax and tip for a massage, facial, and pedi.
at the salon, hardly ever. i do my own now [:

at the salon, the total cost is almost $30.

so it's probably like $15 for each.

but now, i do my own every couple of weeks to change it or touch it up.
I've gotten a manicure twice in my life (a wedding and my conformation), and I've never gotten a pedicure. =[ I'm so ungirly.
Hardly ever! lol I think it depends on what type you get and if you get artifical nails and so on. SO anywhere from like $10-$50 and up, at least thats what it is around here~
every 3-4 weeks. it's usually free for me since my parents own the place. but usually its $30 for both.
Usually once a month or every other month. For me it's $9 for mani, $13 for pedi. It really depends where you go. It ranges from $20-$40.
$50 combined.

I get a mani/pedi usually every six months. I find it so horrible that I (male) am mocked for getting one! I just like to keep my nails clean!
Like once every 6 months

Its $25 for mani and that's considered cheap.

Not worth it.
never but i have went with lots of people who have and it was generally 60 bucks for both
Once a month

mani = $10

pedi = $18

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