Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cna somebody explain me the different steps of the pedicure ?

And also what's the difference between the normal one and the spa one ??? You know, I need to get one this week. Thanks everybody !!!Cna somebody explain me the different steps of the pedicure ?
Performing a basic pedicure

Remove shoes and socks

soak clients feet for about 5 min. to clean and soften cuticles

Dry feet thouroughly and place the clients feet on a towel.

remove the polish if any

clip the toe nails, but make sure not to clip them too low as this will cause ingrown toe nails to occur.

file the nails

use foot file on the bottom of the feet to smooth calluses or hard skin.

rinse the feet.

(make sure to do one feet at a time. Put the feet that you did back in the spa making sure to rub of any access skin into the water. Put that feet in the water and then perform the same procedure on the other feet.) now while the 2nd feet is soaking go back to the first feet and continue.......

Apply cuticle remover to each toe

use a wooden or metal pushet to remove the dead skin.

brush the toenails using the maincure/pedicure brush. dry thoroughly.

Apply lotion or cream to condition the skin.

massage foot using lotion and you may even massage part of the legs for a more pleasurable service for the client.

Keep the feet out of the water after that. complete the rest of the steps for the other feet. keep that feet out of the water.

Expose of the water so that it is not in the way of you or the cliente.

apply base coat. Then apply polish of clientes choice (apply twice)

Apply one layer of top coat.

Wallahhh!!!! you have a professional basic pedicure.Cna somebody explain me the different steps of the pedicure ?
Well, they soak your feet in warm water, to soften the nails and skin. During this time they massage your bottom part of your leg and ankle. They dry and trim the nails, oil the cuticle and paint.

A spa would get more involved in what was in the water for the soak, and get more involved with the leg massage and what special lotions they would use, and also the foot care products used.

Do it, thier nice and relaxing.
a spa one gives u a massage. the steps cary but usually begin with a soak and scrub. then, they disinfect, if needed. then, they start by filing and buffing and regualr manicure stuff. finally, they paint. plus, u get those fun flip-flops! haha!!! hope i helped!!!

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