Thursday, August 5, 2010

Do you think my boyfriend would like a gift certificate for a pedicure?

Why or why not?Do you think my boyfriend would like a gift certificate for a pedicure?
Sure, why not.

I know my GF wants me to get one. she says my toes tear her up...Do you think my boyfriend would like a gift certificate for a pedicure?
So ignore everyone else and take the one guy who says yes. Not a good decision missy.

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Well, why not? I think it would be a great gift, you could go with him and have a laugh. Maybe you could also give him a small present in addition to that, and have the pedicure as a joke gift. (That is, if it's a birthday) It doesn't have to be expensive - They say it's the thought that counts!
Try and see. If someone gave me a gift certificate for one, I'd try it. He probably wouldn't get one on his own, but with a gc, and possibly you going with him, he probably would. He might enjoy the results enough to keep on having them, so consider possible future costs.
probably not...unless he considers himself to be metrosexual. My husband would have never wanted that but he got a pedi on vacation last summer because it was included in our spa package. He won't admit it, but I thi nk he kinda liked it. I personally think pedis need to be left for the women..
usually no, but i took my boyfriend in for a few pedicures and he ended up loving them. he would never go alone, he always wants me there with him. so unless he's already had a pedi, he probably wouldnt appreciate it as much :/
I think that would depend on your husband. I he lives in Arkansas, drives a pick-up, and carries a gun I'd say no. If he has a white-collar job and takes time to get ready I'd say yes. If he is in between I'd say maybe.
Sure. Then you can get him some heels and a red dress.

Just kidding. If it's from his girlfriend, he's sure to love it :-D

He may feel a teensy bit emasculated... just a warning

If your boyfriend is metrosexual then maybe he'll like it. Otherwise don't give this as a gift to a guy.
I highly doubt that one. Maybe if it was for something that would interest him, like one for movies, games, music, etc., etc.
depends if he likes getting pampered...if hes one of those guys that dont like those sort of things then no he wont but if he does then yes he will
No, probably not. Because guys aren't usually into that kind of stuff.
No, that is something that could be considered quite feminine
Well, it's hard to say because we don't know him, does it seem like something he personally would like?
I don't know because I don't know him. But he might take it the wrong way and think you think he needs a pedicure!
Well, some guys know him better than we do. If he likes to hunt or fish on the week-ends , I would say no.
yes he would love it! It would be one of the best gifts ever.
Probably not...guys do not style their toenails.
no, cause he's not a girl

No it's not a macho guy thing. A message Yes!

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