Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ladies, how often do you get a pedicure?

I usually get one every three weeks but I'm just curious about everybody else.

Also, do you ladies get a pedicure in the winter as well? Sometimes my feet just feel SO good when I get one during winter.Ladies, how often do you get a pedicure?
every 3 to 4 weeks is great! i am licensed, so I do a touch up myself here %26amp; there %26amp; apply a clear coat to make the polish last longer %26amp; use a scrubber with lots of cream too at homeLadies, how often do you get a pedicure?
i get one any time i feel like it or when im feeling down and i go get a mani/pedi or have a spa day but normally 2 weeks or so?
well as a good little sissy i go once a month all year long, makes me feel so girly
Last summer I would get them once a month, but I'm a little broke this summer so I do them myself now! I wish I could afford one, they're so relaxing.
im 14 and ive never gotten one. but i since i live on the beach, there are people who go once a week!
once a month
i got a pedicure once a month.

no i don't get one in the winter
15-20 days
I do my own toes

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