Thursday, August 5, 2010

How much does the average manicure and pedicure cost?

In the United StatesHow much does the average manicure and pedicure cost?
$15 for manicure, $30 for pedicure.How much does the average manicure and pedicure cost?
35 to 40 dollars
manicure $15 pedicure with white tips (i just got one yesterday, and it is wonderful $26
It really depends where you go, because some nail shops will charge you too much and when there done it looks like nothing. So when you go to get them done make sure they charge you for what you get. And if you don't like it you can tell them.But it's best if you go to someone with experience and went to school to do nails. So they will charge from $25.00 to $45.00. And at least $60.00 for both.
About 45 bucks
15- 18 mani 30-45 pedi
in canada its about 40 bucks for each
depends on whether you go to a upscale salon or a small franchise.. I guess for each it would be anything between 15-50 dollars, again this depends on where you go
Depending on the city %26amp; spa, $30 - $125
That would depend on the place you do business with. Average can be anywhere from $ 25-75 each.
at any strip mall nail salon, it is about 35$ for both mani and pedi. add 10 bucks for french.

it is 40$ for regular mani and pedi in NYC.
$12 to $15 for a Mani, $20 for a Pedi and $30 to $35 for both...
Here in San Antonio, Texas manicure of your own nails is about $10 and a pedicure is about $25. To have acrylic nails on it would be $20. If you go in for both manicure and pedicure together it knocks some off - $30 or 40. It is worth every penny though.
It's the ';Happy Ending'; that makes them expensive.
Around 20-25 for the pedicure and the maniocure is about 10-15
At a Day Spa, manicure 30.00/ pedicure 55.00

On the average at a nail place, probably manicure 20.00/ pedicure/ 40.00 (USA)
Where I live....northern Ohio, manicures go for about $20 plus a tip. Pedicures go for about $50 plus a tip.
In the US normally about 20 a piece separate. The places around me you can get both for 35.. but you should leave a tip. What state are you in? Im in PA... prices are the same in TX and DE... depends where you are. Also, spring the extra 3 or 4 bucks to use brand new tools if they dont already do so. And stay away from the salons in the mall.. they tend to charge a lot more.

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