Thursday, August 5, 2010

I gave myself a really bad pedicure, what shoul i do?

I bought a callius remover, the one with the blade, well I never done it before.

Now I have all these scars and scrapes on my bottom of my feet. And it hurts to stand!! Uhhh what should i do?

I have to run on wednesday.I gave myself a really bad pedicure, what shoul i do?
ooh!! bad idea. Go get neosporin and mederma, then band-aid all over!!! They won't completely heal but they will get better by wednesday, re-apply and re-bandage twice a day, in the morning and evening. They will get better. good luck running!! lol, i hate running...I gave myself a really bad pedicure, what shoul i do?
ugh ive done that before.. im in cross country. it hurt like the dickens lol.

so try to soak your feet in warm water for a while, don't walk around to much Just rest. after you soak your feet put lotion on them and then put a sock on to lock in the moisture. stay in bed for a few hours so you don't irritate them anymore.

-oh and when you run on wednesday,put some powder (gold bond works the best, if you have it)in your shoes, and wear thick socks so your feet aren't rubbing across your shoes, causing more irritation.
Well I would use some antiseptic wash or spray to stop infection and put some plasters on the worst of the cuts. Next day, use the antiseptic again, wait till its dry and then rub in some moisturizer. Keep doing this till Wednesday. Apply the plasters again, and some cushioned socks. If it's too bad still, you may have to pull out! Hope this helps :)
stop the bleeding and make sure there are not any really bad scrapes, or else go to the doctor! bandage your foot and lie down and elevate it above your heart to stop the bleeding.
Go to a professional and see if they can clean it up.

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