Saturday, August 21, 2010

What is a silk wrap for nails?do you prefer a pedicure or manicure or manicure for my first spa visit?

I am going to a spa for my birthday and am wondering if I should get a manicure or pedicure? my toenails are all mest up, and short and the skin around them are gross, can they fix them. do facials work?, and do have to be completely naked for a massage? can you wear a takini for a massage? i dont want to show anything! thats ambarrsing! how do you now a spa is good? to get a french manicure, do your nails need to be long?What is a silk wrap for nails?do you prefer a pedicure or manicure or manicure for my first spa visit?
As a nail tech, I can tell you that getting a pedicure is the BEST thing to go for!!!! Your feet take a beating every day and need the most care... it's also the most relaxing of the spa services--aside from a full massage. For the best experience, avoid those discount nail salons--too much traffic for relaxing.

Silk Wraps are for reinforcing your natural nail, they don't serve well as artificial nails alone. If you have fairly strong natural nails and just need a little extra help in keeping them from breaking this would be a good option for you.

Go for a specialty pedicure! Don't skimp on the price, you want the best!

Things to avoid... foot razors! Only a medical dr should be using blades (most states they are illegal but some get away with it because folks don't know they are) Avoid any tech that's not willing to explain proceedures, and run like the dickens if the footbath isn't clean or they pull their clippers (metal instruments) out of a drawer (they should be in a sanitizer bath or sealed packages) and make sure they use NEW files and such (the disposable stuff).

Massages are great if you like them (I've always been too weird about people touching my body to be comfortable) and no, you don't have to be totally nude. Explain that you are nervous and they will understand... ANY respectable massage therapist will be more than glad to accomidate you to make you comfortable!

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