Saturday, August 21, 2010

Is it weird for a man to have a pedicure?

Im willing to try anything once. What do you girls think?Is it weird for a man to have a pedicure?
To be honest you will probably love it, I don't understand why guys are so scared to try it out. It's relaxing and makes you feel better and more importantly you're feet will be all nice and soft :)

plus I kinda have always liked a guy that would step up and do something crazy like this anyways :PIs it weird for a man to have a pedicure?
No it's not. Feet need to be taken care of, and having a professional take care of them for you just makes sense. You can avoid problems like ingrown toenails and painful cracked heels, which is smart no matter if you're male of female.

If you're not comfortable doing this regularly at a salon, then go once for a proper job and to watch how it's done. From there you can buy your own products (you don't need much, usually you can buy a little kit) then you can do it yourself at home. As a girl, ugly feet (rough dead skin etc) on a guy is a turn off, so I don't think your prospective partners would complain about it either!
not at all, guys who take care of themselves get ALOT more girls than guys who sont. just like a guy wouldnt want to see a girl with dirty fingers or toes, we dont wanna see a guy that way either. you should definitely try it, and it feels really good lol
im a beauty therapist and i have a distinction in pedicure. one of my models was a guy. it looked so much more attractive.
well, i no a couple of guys who have gotten one, even tho it was a one time thing.

i laughed at them tho.

if u get one, thats cool,

just dont go around bragging bout it.
More guys should get pedicures.


my uncle gets them.

i'd rather i guy have pedicured feet than GROSS feet.

just no polish ;)
nthng weird at all, it luks good actually...... dont be nervous go for it!
I see lot's of men come in for a pedicure. Soooo I don't see how anything could be strange about it.
It looks clean for guys.go for it!lol!
it's kinda weird yeah
No don't think it's weird.. just don't wear polish :)
honestly i would prefer it .... guys feet are just plain nasty sometimes..

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