Tuesday, August 24, 2010

When you get a pedicure,what colors and designs do you get?

I'm tired of gettin the same designs and lookin' for new ideasWhen you get a pedicure,what colors and designs do you get?
French manicure or a flower on the big toe with a jewel.

If its summer I'll do a bright color that will match my bikini.When you get a pedicure,what colors and designs do you get?
french manisure, but pedaicured lol... it looks awesome.
just this summer i stopped getting designs and i just go foe bright colors. since I'm dark skin i get colors like light orange bright ruby red or i pick a color for the week that I'm going to wear all week long like green light green.
i get a red or pink color with flowers painted on the thumb nail and i make my toes match--i just tell them 2 do wat ever flower i think would look good or wat ever design and it turns out awsum!!!
I just get the pedicure ... no paint, no polish, no designs
I'm very basic i just get them painted a bright red. However i quit going when my toenail turned a yellowish color afterwards
i get it once week, a diffrent place every time, i love plae pink with a little pink flower on the big toes.
you get all sorts of colors

next time for a design why don't u just line up rhinestones across your toenail tip with a dark toenail color
The french tip is always nice. Looks good with a tan too.
I think the best thing is a french manicure. But if you don't want to have a french manicure all summer here is what I do:

I paint my nails with french manicure polish. Then I take a thin acrylic overlay to protect it. Then if you choose to wear a different color that matches your outfit all you have to do is apply two coats over the french manicure to change the color.

Then if you want to go back to the french manicure all you have to do is use NON-ACETONE nail polish to take of the polish and then you will have your french manicure back.

This is so convenient because french manicure goes with anything and if you don't have time to polish your nails you can still have a great look for summer.

All of my nail clients love this! Give it a try!

Good luck to you! ~
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