Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What shoes should I wear for a Pedicure?

I am about to go get a pedicure with my friend and it is freezing out...all my flats hit my toenails so I was thinking about wearing my uggs...will I be ok or will my toenails get all messed up?What shoes should I wear for a Pedicure?
this is a trick that they use in the trade! if you leave your toe nails for as long as possible then when you have to put your shoes on cover your toes in cling film. your nails have to be slightly dry first though . then you can put socks and shoes on!What shoes should I wear for a Pedicure?
You can bring your UGGs, but I'd recommend that after you get them painted you stay there for a while longer than usual to let them dry.

Its best to wear open toed shoes like flip flops but if it's too cold, just let them dry before you put any shoes on. And UGGs are loose, so it should be alright. But you never know.

Hope that helps.
Take flip flops, park as close as possible to the salon, and make a mad dash back to the car. Uggs may be okay but I'd give yourself another 15 minutes wait time after your pedi to make sure your nails are okay.

Trust me, I've tried a variety of experiments, and there's nothing as terrible as spending money and then messing up your nails 5 minutes afterward!
When you have a pedicure done, they put at least 2 layers on so your hair won't be dry for ages. Even wearing uggs, your nails are likely to get messed up.

I know it's freezing, but the best thing you can do it wear open toed shoes - flip flops or sandals.
Wear open toed pumps unless its snowing, you might slide around. This way your toes will be out, but the rest of your foot will be covered.
You can wear your Uggs but just make sure your nails are completely dry before you put them back on
wear flip flops those would be best even though it's cold out your just going to have to suck it up

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