Saturday, August 21, 2010

What should i have done at first pedicure?

so, im 17 and never had a pedicure.

i have a lot of callouses, and my feet are kinda nasty from all of the long-distance running i i'm getting a pedicure :)

what should i have painted on or whatever?

i don't even know what they offer?

should i get just a color? in general, what type of the designs do they have?

or should i get a french-nail look on my toes?

opinions? suggestions?

thanks!What should i have done at first pedicure?
First off, know how much money you are going to spend. I went with my mom and sister to get our nails painted for her wedding and it added up fast. The color painting comes with the cost of the pedicure. French nails cost a little extra. Most salons offer to do little flowery designs on one toe on each foot, but that costs about $5 extra. I feel like some old lady ranting on about prices, but sometimes its difficult to understand what they're saying because normally they don't speak much English and a lot of them try and get you to spend a lot more than you should.What should i have done at first pedicure?
They can do french tips on toes, but I think it looks really weird on some feet. If youre tan, bright pinks look cute. Normally I get darker colors, which seem to be the most flattering. They can do little flowers and stuff by hand, and some places can do airbrushing, where they do designs and stuff.
I like the french manicure on fingers and toes. I'm currently sporting both! :) But I also like a solid color with decals. Enjoy it though, it's heaven!
look at design book?

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