Thursday, August 5, 2010

How can i do a pedicure at home?

What do i dip my feet in.. and what salt and lotion do i use and all that ....How can i do a pedicure at home?
Soak feet in soapy warm water for approx 10min. A foot soak will get the water soapy-Avon has some really great smelling ones. you can add epsom salt if you wish: this process soothes tired feet as well as softens heel for pumice stone.

scrub/scrape heels with pumice stone and foot file to smooth away any dead skin from heels. clip nails and file. also clean cuticles without using cuticle remover lotion. just push back gently with orangewood stick. apply cuticle oil and gently rub into cuticle.

dry feet thoroughly and apply lotion to entire foot esp. heels. you can use raw shea butter on heels or entire foot. Apply base coat alone or nail color or other fancy nail applications if you wish.

good luckHow can i do a pedicure at home?
easier solution...find a nail salon you trust, and schedule a pedicure there...unless you are ashamed of your toes or toenails for some reason...the good ones will massage your feet, and buff your nails and buff away any calluses on the bottom or your feet...cost you about $25 and about an hour of your time...repeated on a monthly basis can make your feet feel wonderful!
soak feet in bubble bath for 10 min. water needs to be warm pull one foot out at a time and file nails put oil on cuticle, then lotion dry feet and polish. any lotion will do if you want to get fancy go to store or beauty supply and get scented lotions and oils
i suggest that you consider soaking feet in whole milk laced with rose petals. the milk proteins serve as a great moisturizer and the rose petals add great fragrance.

then ( if you want added moisture) put on a grapefruit lotion (great smell)!!!!

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