Thursday, August 5, 2010

Should i shave my toe hairs before pedicure?

And if so how long should i wait until i can get a pedicure? OR should i shave it after? Thanx 4 ur help i appreciate it!Should i shave my toe hairs before pedicure?
I would not recommend shaving, they just come right back. Try waxing them off, that way they will not grow back until it is time for your next pedecure. Most salons that do nails and peddies will also do waxing...have them do it at the same time.Should i shave my toe hairs before pedicure?
I have never heard of shaving one's toes. You certainly don't need to do it pre-pedicure. The pedicurist doesn't care if you have hair on your toes. If you must be hair-free then wax them, either before or after. It doesn't matter. They may even do it for you.
plz do shave them off b4 the beautician faints
please shave them before--no one wants to work on hairy toes :(
If you shave before a pedicure you will increase the risk of an infection from the pedicure tools and bath. The hair follicles will be irritated from the recent shave leaving an opportunity for infection or fungus to enter your skin.

Be sure the place giving the pedicure is licensed and they use acceptable hygiene and sanitation.
You should shave ur toes hairs then u can go get ur pedicure done.

u dont have to.

but u should

to be considerate.
arent the pedicure people supposed to do that for you
no they are used to it
Well, it doesn't really matter, I'm sure the people in the nail salon have see their fair share of scary feet.

But if it makes you uncomfortable, thinking maybe they think you're freaky, then shave before.

I dont think the water they soak your feet in will affect your shaved toes at all, so feel free to go after you shave.
just have them wax 'em! they're not gross, just unwelcome, and the wax will last way longer than shaving. plus, it barely hurts.
Pedicures are really basic you can shave 15 min before you go.Nothing will happen if you do.You really don't have to but it would be nice!Your hair follicles will not be irritated because your cutting off the hair at the skin your not waxing.If you don't shave don't worry we all have seen a lot worse than hairy toes!
Waxing will last a lot longer so if you really want to get rid of the hair on your toes, you should try that. YOu could get it done at the place you are getting your toes done, or you can just do it yourself.
no but you should quit smoking so much dope!
Pluck them out.
I read an article in a magazine that said not to shave before you get a pedicure; it gives you a higher risk of an infection. The nail tech will just have to deal.
Plucking or shaving your toe hairs has nothing to do with whether you should do it before or after a pedicure. Personally, I would do it before so that when you are finished with the pedicure you will feel very pretty indeed!
It doesn't matter. You can shave a few hours before since they may put some creme to soften up your heels %26amp; it could bother you a little. %26amp; you don't want to wait too long 'cus hair grows back pretty quickly %26amp; no one wants stubby toes.
Ewww...Please do!
don't shave, use wax or nair/veet

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