Thursday, August 5, 2010

Why do I nitpick every manicure and pedicure I get?

I just got my nails done and as soon as I get home I look at my nails %26amp; toes and think, thats not right, oh look at that, thats crooked, why is this smudged, that line's too thick, on and on and on. Am I the only one or does my manicurist do a crappy job?

p.s. I got french pink %26amp; white on my nails and toes.Why do I nitpick every manicure and pedicure I get?
it has to do with attention to detail, so it depends on the girls that do the job, I am the same way, I always feel that the nail polish is not fresh enough so it takes too long to dry, or the shape is not identical, they can't get it perfect no matter how hard they try, so we must invent a computer that does it flawlessly!Why do I nitpick every manicure and pedicure I get?
because your life is empty and that's all you can focus on
its not u it the Manicure you pay them to give you a perfect mani and pedi beacuse they are the profesional they should do a good job
Hahaha- I'm the same way! What's funny is that the small ';imperfections'; that I see are not anything that a person just glancing at my fingers/ toes would ever notice. As you know, if you've ever tried to do your own nails, it is really difficult to get them perfect. Unless your nails look really bad, it's probably not the fault of your manicurist.
It's just something women do.
deff a crappy manicurist
Well if your such an expert on doing nails why don't you do your own!
You're probably going to a crappy manicurist.

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