Thursday, August 5, 2010

How much does a manicure and pedicure cost?

Together in Illinois?How much does a manicure and pedicure cost?
for me $45 canadian.

answer mine pretty please with a cherry on top:鈥?/a>How much does a manicure and pedicure cost?
it all just depends on where you go but here its ranges around 20-25 dollars for a pedicure and depending if you want tips or whatever the price rangs alot so my advice to you is to call some of the local salons and just ask how much it would be combined.

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Elle S.
It depends on where you are going. what part of illinois are you from or buy. I live near berwyn and the mall charges 35-40 depending on what day of the week you go to the mall. hope this helps. Also if you are getting a plain manicure with no nails and no art maybe 30
It depends where you go;

cheap asian sort of places about $50 total.

- But they arent very good, manicures are usually fair; but pedicures arent.

I think your better doing it at home yourself.

Expensive Spas can cost up to $120 for one pedicure.
manicures are atleast 30$ with accrillics and depending on what you get with them..

pedicures are about the same.

you might get an offer but i'd say about 45-50$
It depends. I'd say somewhere around 20 dollars if you get a cheap price, and when I looked on the internet it said 20-30 generally.
hey pedicures should cost no more than 25 and manicures are about 12. so never spend more than 40 for both!! GOOD LUCK
Together....about $35 maybe $40.
That depends on where you go!!
I know in Monterey Ca it was 45 for the set

and in Camp Lejeune NC its 35
About $25 bucks for each;)
here in seattle its $80
dont do it, or you will feel rich

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