Thursday, August 5, 2010

How to get the perfect pedicure?

I want to get a really good pedicure with like soaking the feet and everything but thats all i know to do! Also i have like beige skin what nail colors look best with this color skinHow to get the perfect pedicure?
if you do it yourself here is a web site and the steps to do it:鈥?/a>

as for the nail color, i would suggest a french pedicure with a pink tinted clear coat.How to get the perfect pedicure?
Go out and buy a pedicure kit. Most of them will have the right tools, lotions and instructions to do a great pedicure. Mostly it takes practice though. I would recommend going to a professional if you really want it to be PERFECT. As to the best nail color for your skin tone, only you can really judge that, because we can't see your exact tone! Try a few that you like, and just have fun... (a french pedi looks good on almost everyone though)
Any color that U like. !Get back at me! Ya girl, Miss *Princess* $Diva$ !Jade!
do it yourself
2 words Korean lades
Go to a salon or day and spa
go 2 a spa...yea it costs money but it feel sooooo good and looks really good and lasts longer than if u were 2 do it urself

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