Thursday, August 5, 2010

How Long does a manicure/pedicure last?

i am turning 13 so my mom is taking me to the spa on friday, and one of the things wer ordered is a Mani/pedi, and i am wondering how long will it last. You know just to make sure if it will be long enough for untill school opens next month.(unlikely? lol)How Long does a manicure/pedicure last?
A week or so as long as you don't pick at them and stuff.

You're so lucky! My mom didn't do anything like that for my 13th birthday! ^_^How Long does a manicure/pedicure last?
usually about a week but if it's good two

it also depends on how much you ues your hands

the pedi will last like three weeks to a month...

maybe even longer
It will vary depending on the polish and your activities. A manicure will probably only last a week or two at most. A well-done pedicure can last up to 2-3 weeks. Manicures tend to wear out quicker since your hands are so much more exposed and used than your feet.

Enjoy!! They are so much fun!
French pedicure lasts about 2-3 weeks and regular polish around 3-4 weeks. Manicure depends on how often you wash your hands and whatever activities you do.
I went for my pedicure about 3 weeks ago but you can tell that it needs to be redone again. But a manicure I am not quite sure sorry. But I hope you have fun with your mom at the spa!
about a week, sometimes less if youre doing sports or something like that.

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