Thursday, August 5, 2010

What are some stores where i can buy a manicure/pedicure kit?

i want to start doing my nails and toe nails and start to make them look better and softer than they do now

in the set i want the hand/foot Massage lotion, short artificial nails, the tools,Hand cream,Cuticle remover, etcWhat are some stores where i can buy a manicure/pedicure kit?

drugstoresWhat are some stores where i can buy a manicure/pedicure kit?
check out wal-mart or the closest convenes store.
If there is a London Drugs, or Shoppers Drug Mart near you, you can get some amazing Sally Hansen manicure/pedicure things there, also some London Drugs sell O.P.I so you can check that out.
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I hope this was helpful for you.

Merry X'mas and Happy New year!
well it depends wear you live and what your price range is! but here are some stores

walmart- good, has lotz of cool stuff!

target- just about the same as walmart :)

walgreens- lots of ppl think that walgreens has crappy stuff but i really like it

dollar store- really cool and cheap

NOTE- one of the best things you can do to get exactly what you want is go to the dollar store or walgreens and pick out the things you want in your kit and then find a cute basket or holder to put it all in and you will have a cute, afordable, and cool kit!

My dear, go on line to buy what you're after.

I've had acrylic nails for 18 years and I would strongly recommend that you have your nails professionally done. They'll look better, and if you do them yourself, you may just wind up with a nail fungus. You don't want that, believe me, because your nail will turn green.

If you can't afford professionally done fakes, just keep your own nails neat and trimmed and polished. Also, do not, do not, do not, remove your cuticles. You need to have more information before you take matters into your own hands. (No pun intended.)
mal-mart, walgreens, just about anywhere that sells make-up and polish, especially now that's it around christmas time. if you Wait till the day after christmas you can get a fairly big one from wal-mart for 50% off, it'll be with all the other christmas gift sets... hope this helped!

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