Thursday, August 5, 2010

Should I let my guy friend pay for me to get a pedicure?

He wants me to be his girlfriend, but I have already told him I only like him as as friend, but he is still offering to pay for me to get a pedicure just because. Should I accept?Should I let my guy friend pay for me to get a pedicure?
Yes, you've already done your part by making it clear that all you want is a friendship with him. There's nothing wrong with friends doing things for each other.Should I let my guy friend pay for me to get a pedicure?
Go for it. If you've been blunt, and straight up honest saying you're not interested in him like that. go for it. whats he gonna say? you told him. not your fault. he offered!

As long as you're actually being his friend and would do the same for him, there`s nothing wrong with that. If you start using him just to pay for things, then its wrong. but friends do that kind of thing all the time.

You told him how you feel. If he wants to pay for things like that, that's his choice. Good luck :)
I wouldn't.
no. it gives him false hope, and then you're just using him for money.
i agree you should not. then wouldnt you feel like you owed him something? you should pay for yourself and show that you don't need him to take care of you like a boyfriend would by paying for things like that.
I would say no, cause if you accept this time, he is just going to want to pay for more and more things then he will be smothering you with gifts, and it would just feel awkward receiving all these gifts from just a friend......
why not, just accept :)
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