Thursday, August 5, 2010

What do I need to make my own french manicure/pedicure?

I want to try making my own french manicure.. but what items do I need to accomplish this? Any recommendations?What do I need to make my own french manicure/pedicure?
I gave my cousin a french manicure the other day (which I had never tried before). I guessed that I would need white nail polish (made by Colorama), q-tips, and nail polish remover.

I painted along the ends of her nails, and once I finished doing all of them, I poured some nail polish remover in a cup and dipped a q-tip in it to polish them up if they were uneven or if she had polish on her finger.

I really liked the results!What do I need to make my own french manicure/pedicure?
The hand/eye coordination of a neurosurgeon! Don't use those little white sticker things; they always end up pulling off some of the polish when you remove them. My friend used to do her own, and she bought really strong nail polish remover (not sure where, maybe at a beauty supply store), and she would paint the white tip on roughly, and then dip a medium stiffness makeup brush in the strong remover, and straighten out the line of it. Then when that dried, she'd top it all with the nude color. She did it really well. I tried, but mine never looked as good as hers.
It's insanely hard to do it buy yourself, so I would suggest buying a Sally Hansen kit from the drugstore. It has those stickers that makes it a lot easier to draw the line.;鈥?/a>
you can buy a French manicure kit at a drug store

a whole lot of steady handiness

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